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What is Dual Heritage by Culture Collections?

Fashion for mixed heritage shoppers can be hard to come by these days and that is despite the fact that we live in a more culturally diverse world than ever before.

With a lot of today’s world living in multicultural spaces, our team at Culture Collections realised that, there was even more we could do to showcase multiple aspects of our culture and heritage.

DUAL HERITAGE by Culture Collections

  • Clothing and fashion to showcase and represent more than just one side of your culture.

  • Available for any country combination. Personalise your own combo for your Hoodie or T-Shirt or choose both!

  • Dual Heritage Collection is available for children & adults alike. Sizes range from 1-2 years to adult XXL.



Culture Collections is a brand dedicated to creating fashion that represents you. The Dual Heritage Collection helps us to identify and represent our cultures in a much more inclusive way, by combining the different parts that make up our culture & heritage.

Now you have a chance to let your fashion represent you, showcase your heritage in comfortable fashion available for the whole family.


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