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Multi Heritage Meets Fashion

"I want to showcase more sides of my heritage."

"Do you do more than 1 or 2 countries?

"What if you have more than one or 2 sides to your heritage?"

These are all questions and feedback received from customers and interested parties.

With so many people expressing a need to feel better represented or to showcase more of their heritage, we quickly realised that we have a community to support and single heritage designs would not be enough.

So we added the Dual Heritage range to our collections, as a way to showcase both sides of mixed heritage. The response to this was overwhelmingly positive, with many people, voicing how they finally feel like they are being catered for in culture based fashion.


Even this was still only part of the solution. So we had to dig deep and provide a way for those of us with more than 2 sides to our heritage to feel the same support.

At Culture Collections, our design team have been hard at work and we are happy to share the Multi Heritage Collection. You can add up to four countries/flags to personalise your own, unique multi heritage combo.

Culture Collections - Multi Heritage Hoodie South Africa Angola Sudan
Culture Collections - Multi Heritage Hoodie

If you are someone who loves to celebrate all of your heritage, this should be right up your street.

  • Feel connected to all parts of your heritage.

  • Bring family together at functions.

  • Stand out at events

  • Teach others about the many dimensions of your heritage.


At Culture Collections, we feel that it is important for everyone, to feel represented in their culture and also, have a chance to showcase that culture and style, in different ways.

Of course we believe in quality first, so every item is uniquely made to order by our team in the UK.

How does it work??

Well it couldn't be simpler…

Step 1

Select your combo - Dual Heritage, Triple Heritage or Quad Heritage.

Step 2

Add your countries (any countries with an official flag!) in designated input area & select your size.

Step 3

Place you order and own a unique piece of your culture and heritage.

Yes I Want Mine Now


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