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Culture Collections @ School

Learning and Teaching Though Culture.

Working with schools is one of the ways in which culture collections works with our wider community, to bring light and understanding about the cultural connections around us.

Many schools now host Culture day events and activities, to help pupils share stories and more about their culture and heritage and this, is something we feel can go a long way towards understand cultural diversity, especially in urban settings.

learning about this, we decided that it would be a great opportunity for children from all cultures, to have a chance to own something to help easily recognise parts of each other’s culture and heritage and initiate engaging conversations.

As every school is different, we work with each school listed on our site to bring the best experience possible for their goals.

more than just the garments, we work with schools to provide learning aid and tools like fact cards and images that pupils can use to keep share and information about their country or culture in and out of schools.

Child studying or learning

Supporting enrichment for pupils and helping to create opportunities is something that is part of our ethos, as such, we share a percentage of our profits from school related events, with schools, charities and initiatives geared towards education and enrichment for children and to be used for public or parent funded activities for pupils.

If you know of or are part of a school and you would like culture collections to work with your school, please contact our team via web chat or email.


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